Inside each of us there is a spark

Though others may have a similar spark to our own, each spark is unique

Sometimes we don’t know what our spark is,

Sometimes we don’t know where it is,

Sometimes we don’t know if we have it,

Or if it has gone out,

Sometimes others see our spark even before we know it’s there

Or before we know how to look for it

A parent who sees the spark in his daughter when she sings and dances

and the spark in his son when he reads a book

Some people think that in order to be religious or spiritual we have to have a certain type of spark

A God spark, a Torah spark, a T’filah spark or something like that

They think that the only people who connect during T’filah or like studying Torah, must have this special spark

But that’s not true

Any spark can be an entry point into a relationship with God,

Any spark can be a source of spiritual or religious connection,

Any spark can be a source of wonder

It’s rare to find a God spark or a Torah spark,

It’s much more likely to find a theater spark, a photography, soccer, math, hanging out with friends, creative writing, going to the mall, or swimming in the ocean spark.

The question is whether we have found our spark, whether our spark helps us connect with our truest self, whether our spark helps connect our truest self with something larger than ourselves, whatever that may be?

Inside each of us there is a spark.

Our first and most important journey is discovering what that spark is.


spark, flame, fire p.2