Storefront, Mahane Yehuda, Jerusalem, 2016
Storefront, Mahane Yehuda, Jerusalem, 2016


Here's a fairly thorough list of articles I've written or that make reference to my rabbinate and work.  Though I have limited booking availability I truly enjoy artist/scholar in residence opportunities. In the past I've presented at varied conferences as well as had residencies at synagogues, Jewish day schools, summer camps and beyond. Topics include those below, anything else on this blog or at rabbispen, Jewish music, spirituality, and more. 


"Strumming Jewish Thoughts at The Davis Academy": An audio podcast for the "Really Interesting Jews" series hosted by Rabbi Evan Shultz

"A Practitioner's Response to Mr. Steinhardt's Remarks on the Future of Jewish Day Schools": A 2016 blog post for eJewish Philanthropy

"On the Vitality of Spontaneous Judaism": A 2016 blog post for eJewish Philanthropy

On Being with Krista Tippett: An Interview with Bela Fleck and Abigail Washburn from 2015. My blog, The Rabbi's Pen, is quoted during this nationally broadcast NPR program at minute 38 in the podcast.

Adolescent Spirituality: Igniting the Spark: Lecture notes for a 2015 session that was presented at both the International NFTY Convention Youth Summit and the North American Jewish Day School Conference

"Jews Join Pope and Democrats with Conventions in Philadelphia": A 2015 article about the North American Jewish Day School Conference and the CCAR Convention both of which took place in Philadelphia. The article discusses these back-to-back conventions using my attendance at both as a narrative frame 

"The Top 11 Reasons Why EVERY Rabbi Should Consider a Career in Jewish Day School": A 2015 blog post for eJewish Philanthropy

"A Missing Priority in Jewish Day Schools": A 2015 blog post written for a session at the North American Jewish Day School Conference

"Youth Engagement in the Jewish Day School Recording Studio": A 2015 blog post for about the creation of A Palace in Time

"Time Travel Made Easy": A 2015 blog post from the fabulous guitar instruction website "String Love Guitar" about a long standing musical and personal relationship I have with the site's creator: Matt Coffman

"Soulful, Sublime and Southern": A 2015 article in the Jewish Georgian profiling "A Palace in Time" and "Be a Blessing." PDF page 8

"Davis CD Takes Shabbat for a Psychedelic Ride": A 2015 article written by Michael Jacobs, editor of the Atlanta Jewish Times, profiling "A Palace in Time"

"The Case for Core Values": An article for the Winter 2014 Lookstein journal: Jewish Educational Leadership

The Unbearable Lightness of Judaism reposted in 2014 on "Out of the Orthobox" Blog with interesting discussion and framing

"The Spirit of Education: A Message for the Start of School": A 2014 blog post written for the Avi Chai Foundation 

"Jewish Early Adolescent Spirituality": A 2014 article for the CCAR Journal (subscription required to access)

"Davis Academy Marks 20th Anniversary with Music CD": A great article by Allie Goolrick in the Sandy Springs Reporter in 2013

"Kol Yisrael: Engaging our Human Resources": An article I wrote for e Jewish Philanthropy in 2013 about the process of creating Be a Blessing

"Beautiful Jewish Song, Beautiful Jewish Meaning": A 2013 article by Kate Bigam written for about the song "Kol Yisrael"

"Rabbi Lapidus Pardes' Newest President": A 2013 article in the Atlanta Jewish Times

"The Five Lives of a Jewish Day School Grad": A 2012 blog post written for PEJE

"Nadiv and the Future of Jewish Communal Life": A 2012 blog post written for The Avi Chai Foundation

"On David Broza": A 2012 blog post written for

My ELI Talk from 2012: The Unbearable Lightness of Judaism

Jewish Version of TED Talks Launched: A 2012 article by Gary Rosenblatt in the Jewish Week about the inaugural round of ELI Talks for which I was a presenter

"Religious Education in a Time of Scarcity": An article written for the journal Religious Education in 2012

"Why Jewish Day Schools are Unique": A 2011 blog post I wrote for

"Toward an Understanding of Jewish Commitment": An article for the Spring 2011 Lookstein Journal: Jewish Educational Leadership

"Day School Investment: It Means More than You Think": a 2011 blog post I wrote for PEJE

"Honoring Heritage, Celebrating Difference: Teaching Pluralistically in a Reform Jewish Day School": A 2009 article I wrote for HaYidion, the RAVSAK Journal

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