The deepest truths of human experience and reality can’t be taught.

They can’t be acquired. Uploaded. Downloaded. Inputed. Scanned. Computed. Etc.

They’re already there, in the inmost place where things sometimes find themselves forgotten, disregarded, shunned, or otherwise put out of mind.

You and I already know them.

Whether we’ve been too preoccupied to meditate on them

Or worked our hardest to bury them.

They reside in those inmost places.

Rather than trying to inform, educate, instill, or otherwise cram these truths into one another

We can instead remind one another that we were born knowing these deepest truths.

We can remind one another

Compassionately, by example, through story, in friendship, from love

Gently, patiently, and in a way that allows for the possibility that reminding another being

We simultaneously remind ourselves.