I continue to try and engage the themes of #BlogElul. Today’s topic: HEAR.

Face Mural, Tel Aviv
Face Mural, Tel Aviv


Hear a baby crying

Hear a baby laughing

Hear a child whispering

Hear a child speaking

Hear a child singing

Hear a woman talking

Hear a woman praying

Hear a man walking

Hear a man coughing

Hear feet shifting

Hear a book dropping

Hear a guitar strumming

Hear pages turning

Hear myself reciting ancient words



Unborg Yourself, Tel Aviv, 2016
Unborg Yourself, Tel Aviv, 2016

Hear myself breathing

Hear a TV blaring

Hear an air conditioner humming

Hear a keyboard clacking

Hear the music of the TV blaring

Hear myself sniffling, congested

Hear my mind listening

Hear a bag rustling