Either you believe in miracles or you don’t.

If you don’t, you’ve got to be prepared to explain all of the miraculous things, small and large, that happen every day.

And you have to explain them without using the words: miracle and miraculous.

If you do believe in miracles then you’ve got less explaining to do, but you have to acknowledge that miracles aren’t only

natural-law defying feats of biblical grandeur. In fact, you’ve got to acknowledge (and likely do) that most miracles are

small, imperceptible, undetectable, and ongoing.

Far from being moments of exceptional glory, most miracles are daily.

What makes them miracles is the seamless, seemingly effortless way they form the basis of our daily lives.

Open eyes, working limbs, speaking, breathing,

Even going to the bathroom.

Having experiences, remembering them, and finding meaning in them.

Building relationships, creating friendships, giving and receiving love.

Experiencing wonder, delight, and amazement.

The delicious taste of pizza, or the fact that sushi tastes so darn good.

If you don’t believe in miracles you have to explain these things.

If you do believe in miracles you simply have to appreciate them and live life with the knowledge

that you get to experience all these miracles and so much more.

Daily Miracles