I have a name, but I am not my name

I have a body, but I am not my body

I have a job, but I am not my job

I have a family, but I am not my family

I have thoughts, I have feelings, I have hopes, I have fears, I have a past, I have memories, I have a soul. Power, weakness, faith, doubt, anger, wonder, love, hate.

But I am not these things.

Were I to consider any of these things to be me, I would be mistaking the part for the whole.

Even when I take all these things together

And everything else I think I am

I still have not arrived at the whole,

At me.

So long as I try to discover myself in reference to what I am, what I have, and how I exist in the world

I will likely never arrive at anything approaching the ultimate reality of my existence.

On in understanding that I am you and you and you and this and this and that and all the rest and nothing will eventually get closer to my I-ness.

But I am Not