The last couple of days I’ve enjoyed walking between our Lower and Middle School campuses. The walk must be about 1/4 mile and the sad fact is that sometimes it’s quicker to walk than to drive. That, coupled with the cooler weather and the unexpected things I’ve seen and experienced while walking have made the last couple days’ walks quite memorable.

Here’s a list of things I saw, experienced, or thought about while walking:

  1. Yesterday I saw a tall tree a few meters from the road that had cracked in half. The top half had collapsed on a neighboring tree and therefore not fallen all the way over. It was as if one tree had suddenly announced to the other— “I’m irreparably broken; now I have to lean on you.” And the other tree had said, “I guess my new reality is to be a support for my broken neighbor.”
  2. Today the top half of the broken tree was gone.
  3. Two pick up trucks almost collided with one another when one decided to merge without warning. It’s a two lane street.
  4. This morning a big beautiful dog and I got into a friendly staring contest. I was completely mesmerized and it felt like time slowed down for a moment as he/she rode by. Maybe it was an I-Thou moment.
  5. I ran into a Davis alum waiting for the school bus. We caught up.
  6. Lots of honks and waves.
  7. A dear friend I haven’t seen for a while stopped her car in the middle of the road to say hi.
  8. An ambulance rushed off to help someone out.
  9. A woman getting dragged down the sidewalk by her two large dogs.
  10. A “No Trespassing” sign I’d never noticed.

When I walked back to our Lower School today I had the joy of carrying the mail bag. I felt like I was conveying a special package to a special person though I have no idea the contents. And when I got back to the Lower School I had a few moments to chat with and thank the police officer who is stationed on campus this morning.

Where the Sidewalk Is