Shalom Contantly
Jerusalem, 2016

Be prepared to stumble upon holiness in every moment.

We grow subtly and abruptly, we evolve and we erupt.

Discovering your voice is a lifelong journey.

Thank God for all kinds, because it takes all kinds.

Thank God for kindness, because it takes kindness too.

And thank God for kids because they remind us of so many important things like:

The child within each of us,

The importance of play,

That its okay to live with #nofilter,

And kids remind us that human beings are fundamentally

Loving, caring, sensitive, curious, compassionate, wise and joyful.

Experiences only make sense when we make sense of them.

And we can’t make sense of experiences until after we’ve had them.

Which means that, somehow,

the present moment isn’t meant to make sense,

the future can’t make sense,

and the past can and must make sense

in nourishing and energizing ways.

Things never truly repeat.

Sometimes they go in cycles,

Or follow patterns,

Seem predictable,

Or rote.

But the never truly repeat,

Because each of us is,

Part of the web that is,

The Interconnectedness of Being,

And each of us

is constantly changing.

Which means that we change ourselves,

And we change one another

With no choice in the matter

And often without realizing what we’re doing.

“Education” is what we call the series of endeavors

That we undertake together,

To try and move this constant changing

of self, other, community, and world,

In socially redemptive and justice oriented


Thoughts, End of the 2015-2016 School Year