Tel Aviv Heart, 2015
Tel Aviv Heart, 2015


Adonai my God

Source of Life

Thank you

Thank you for this morning

For waking up

For sneaking out of the house while everyone else was still asleep

For the cup of coffee I enjoyed on the way to the gym

For the fact that my body didn’t rebel when I started running on the treadmill

For the music that I listened to on the way to work

For the sky that had started to come alive before I reached my desk

Thank you for this, and for every morning

Today I pray that I might have the wisdom to appreciate whatever life brings my way

I pray that I might have the creativity to make myself, my community, and my world just a little brighter

I pray that I might have the patience to find beauty in the things that might disturb, distract, or annoy me

And I pray that I might give at least as much to others, as I know I will receive.


The prayer of my heart