O’ Heavenly Father (Mother, Source of Being, Beneficent One, Bestower of Blessings):

Over the years each of us has known Your Kindness and Generosity in Myriad Ways!

Each of us has been sustained and uplifted by Your Grace and Compassion!

You have been our Rock and Redeemer!

When we have faltered You have Steadied our Steps and Cleared a Path before us.

With full knowledge of Your Bounty and Abundance,

And with full appreciation for all that we have Received,

We, the employees of (insert organization here),

Come to you in a spirit of humility to ask that you cause

Mega Millions to Rain Down Upon Us.

Together we amplify and lift up our voices to You in the hopes that our prayer might echo in the Highest Heavens (or Wherever You find Yourself at the Moment).

We know that we are not worthy, (or certainly no more worthy than the other pools in our office buildings, schools, and businesses)!

But we know that we could put them $$$,$$$ to very good use,

Advancing not only our own Happiness and Well-Being

But the Well-Being of our friends, our communities, and our families

For many Generations to come.

And let us say, Amen.

Mega Millions Prayer for Office Pools