Not really connected to Easter, but written down on Easter none-the-less.


A Contemplative Moment
A Contemplative Moment
  1. Villains are fascinating.
  2. Good friends are the greatest comfort there is.
  3. We don’t need and can’t always expect answers, but a response is nice.
  4. The beginning, middle, and end of life, and every moment in between is infused with an undeniable and pervasive uncertainty and dynamism.
  5. Trying to view life as a photographer can radically shift your perspective.
  6. Fear often starts from a rational place, but it doesn’t stay there for long.
  7. Without soul-nourishing, body replenishing rest, nothing else is possible.
  8. Music is a human response to the endless soundtrack of the universe that accompanies us at all times but often goes unnoticed.
  9. Creativity is less about originality than it is about finding news ways to bring different things into conversation with one another. Creative genius is when these conversations wouldn’t happen if it weren’t for you and when the world is better for them having occurred.
  10. For better and for worse, one needn’t be a master in order to teach others.
  11. If you ask 3rd graders to listen to the voice of their soul and write down what they think their soul is saying to them, don’t be surprised if one of them writes that his soul told him, “Draw your life in colors.”
  12. Somewhere there is a child whose acting debut will come in the form of playing Jesus in an Easter Week Passion Play. I know this because I met such a child this week and was blown away by his performance.
  13. It’s hard to take more than 36 steps in any single direction with your eyes closed, even if you know there’s nothing in your way.
  14. No matter how literate and worldly we strive to be, there will always be major, culture defining narratives that we don’t even know exist.
  15. Nostalgia for things we never directly experienced and often don’t understand is a vastly under acknowledged factor when it comes to formulating judgments in many areas.
  16. It’s easy to work a group of people into a near mob-like frenzy. It’s harder to figure out what to do with them once you’ve brought them there.
Life Lessons, Easter Sunday 2016. AKA “Draw your life in colors.”