Occasionally my preferred vehicle for reflection is something I call, “Life Lessons.” It’s nearly impossible to draw a straight line from any of these life lessons to something that I actually experienced today. That’s because straight lines represent the shortest distance between two points.


Pizza Chart, CPK, Ashford Dunwoody

So, in no particular order:

  1. Sometimes word choice really does matter.
  2. The more listening, the richer the experience.
  3. Surprise is a prerequisite for delight.
  4. You’re more likely to be surprised if you live in a world of expectations. That’s because expectations often have surprising outcomes.
  5. Spirit is ageless.
  6. Sometimes the charcoal lights. Sometimes it doesn’t.
  7. Confirmation bias is real.
  8. You can learn a lot about a person (including yourself) by paying attention to what details they notice.
  9. Packing for the same trip gets easier each subsequent time. Even though it’s never the same trip and it doesn’t actually get easier.
  10. Sometimes you leave a gift for your future self. And sometimes your future self finds and receives the gift.
Life Lessons, 5/8/17