1. Sometimes you have to relearn your own song.
  2. The playground matters.
  3. Fall is either your favorite or least favorite season. Rarely in between.
  4. Cold weather= more pockets!
  5. There’s more going on in this moment than can ever be fully appreciated.
  6. Hope rushes in the instant something bad starts to get better.
  7. Sometimes you have to pick the key that works best in the moment.
  8. Not everyone will “get” your Friends reference.
  9. At some point each of us needs to learn, internalize, and then embody the simple truth that it’s not all about us.
  10. Headlines and titles can be misleading.
  11. More often than not, the Wizard is a bad guy.
  12. Prayer is there to remind us of the script when our soul forgets its lines.
  13. You can learn a lot about a person based on how they enter a room.
  14. Funk is a universal language.
Life Lessons 11/14/19