1. Sometimes there’s traffic. Sometimes there’s not.
  2. Sometimes it’s so easy to find a parking spot that you forget to appreciate how easy it was.
  3. While an affront to the drinker, it’s quite understandable to give the Diet Coke to the person who ordered the regular Coke and vice versa.
  4. Just because someone you haven’t seen in a long time looks the same as the last time you saw them doesn’t mean that they haven’t undergone profound change.
  5. Everyone loves Barcelona.
  6. Sometimes music is political, but politics is seldom musical.
  7. Sometimes the old inquire and the young respond.
  8. That seemingly insignificant interaction that you’ve long forgotten– it may be the stuff of legend to someone else.
  9. Sometimes the middle lane is closed for no reason.
  10. It’s no fun trying to meditate with a head cold.
  11. Passionate materialists walk among us– not the materialists who worship “stuff,” but the materialists who understand that stuff matters.
  12. Theory and practice can make strange bedmates.
  13. It’s good to be reminded that you’re loved and good to remind others of the same.
  14. All of us love those moments when they, as pedestrians, make better time than the poor souls trapped in their cars.
  15. If you know what you’re looking for, it’s possible to look out your window and find it.
Life Lessons 11/13/19