For today…

1. I didn’t have to bring a coat of any kind to work because it’s finally warming up outside.

2. I got an email from a college friend that led to a back and forth of reconnecting.

3. 2nd graders leading the first model seder of the year and sharing their ideas for the “5th child” that they’d welcome to their seder.

4. Kabbalat shabbat prep with 5th graders and their love for Jewish music.

5. Lunch was provided and it was a casual clothes day.

6. Meaningful conversations with school parents about a variety of topics.

7. An invitation to use a personal strength in a professional context.

8. My own children playing happily while I washed the dishes, now sleeping soundly.

9. A nice cup of tea this afternoon.

10. Having a chance to see an idea implemented, albeit imperfectly.

11. Candid conversation with a colleague about a topic that is important to us both.

Gratitude list