All of a sudden it’s a new day. I guess it’s obvious but you only have one date of death. Quickly time starts to accumulate.

Today my daughter got a napkin and wiped tears from my wife’s eyes.

Then she sat in my father in law’s oversized arm chair and said it felt like he was sitting beside her.

My son asked questions. Some we could answer authentically and some we couldn’t.

Visits with the rabbi and the funeral home. Lots of micro-decisions about a subject that feels anything but micro.

Eulogies need to be written.

Conversations about what happens when you die. Is there such a thing as unfinished business or is death the finishing of all business?

Facebook messages posted.

People start to bring food in earnest. They call and check in.

Some measure of relief as people indicate whether they are coming to the funeral or not.

While days are a convenient way of marking time, it seems more helpful to think in terms of moments. How am I now? Now? Moving through different emotions.

Death (Day 2)