Counting is a basic human activity. How we count says a lot about what we value and how we live. Do we count based on quality or based on quantity?

Quantitative counters might ask– How many emails did I receive today? How many voice messages? How many hits did my website get? How much new business did we attract?

Quantitative counters measure success in terms of… quantity.


Qualitative counters might ask– Did anything come across my inbox that allowed me to reply in a meaningful way? Did I receive any phone calls that might be an invitation to strengthen a relationship or create a new one? Do I feel that the blog I wrote is an authentic expression of who I am? Is the work that I’m doing satisfying a need that exists in the world?

Qualitative counters measure success in terms of… quality.

Clearly I’m making a strong dichotomy here. But rest assured it’s an aspirational one. I want to be a qualitative counters. I want to think about my days on this earth in terms of their quality, not their quantity. But it’s a challenge. I’m sure I’m not alone.

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