We are blessed to know people.

People like Davona.

People who bring light and joy and sweetness into our lives.

People who make our lives better.

Simply by virtue of our bumping into them in the hallway.

In the cafeteria.

In the workroom.

People whose laugh lowers our blood pressure. 
Whose faith remind us that God can be real.

Whose selflessness reminds us that we are here to give, and give, and give.

We are blessed to know people.

Who can identify bullshit from a mile away but know that’s not who you really are in your heart and soul.

Who ask theological and spiritual questions and actually seek out and care about the answers.

Who care about your ups and downs, and share theirs in return.

Who climb down into the pit with you and look up toward the light with their arm around you.

Who say “friend” and mean it.

Who make sacrifices without regard for self.

Who fall in love, again and again, but who most of all love life and the roller coaster thereof.

Who love nature, and God, and people, and music, and friendship, and family, and church, and work, and all the stuff of existence.

Who in their diagnosis open our hearts and strengthen us even in their moments of loneliness and fear.

Who in their passing leave an imprint on our souls and remind us to smile.

Who don’t deserve to die, but do deserve to be free from suffering.

Who we know without a doubt find their way to the Big Sky where we can always look up and find them watching over us with a smile.

We are blessed to know