They don’t open until your kids have been awake and kicking for 3 hours.

They make you wait outside in the cold.

They don’t know how to seat parties correctly.

The service stinks.

The music is too loud and a bit too eclectic.

When the wait staff stands next to one another their arms look like the Sistine Chapel.

There’s a couple sitting in the corner taking pictures of the food and making notes in a journal. Food bloggers???

You’ve been to this restaurant before, haven’t you?

I don’t mean to rant but trendy breakfast spots are kind of fascinating in these and other ways. One immediate takeaway for me is that quality service will always trump quality food.

No matter what we do professionally, the reality is that we’re all in service industries in some way, shape, or form. It doesn’t matter how great our product is if we alienate people when we should be serving them. My main takeaway from this morning– the food was good, but breakfast kind of sucked.

Trendy Breakfast Spots