I have to write about the dog at the airport.

I was wandering thru D Terminal when I heard a sad sounding yelp over the soft voice of the podcast I was listening to.

It was the sound of a small dog being stuffed into a portable carrying case by its owner as he prepared to board a flight.

Once the zipper was pulled the dog stopped yelping.

As the dog owner walked by I saw that he had two dogs in two separate carting cases.

I wondered which dog I’d heard.

I wondered what makes one dog yelp and another not.

Or whether both had yelped but I’d only heard the one.

I tried hard not to impose my meanings on the experience or think about what the human corollary would be.

All I know is that a dog was helping as it was being zipped into a carrying case. Can I even say for sure that the dog was sad?

The dog at the airport