Last night I caught Karl Denson’s Tiny Universe at Terminal West. Terminal West is an intimate and laid back venue on Atlanta’s West Side and KDTU is a hot band that tours a lot. Put them together– great show.

Here are a few “spiritual gleanings” from the evening:

  1. Love. It’s abundantly clear that Karl Denson and the rest of the Tiny Universe love what they do. And when it comes to love– the more, the more. It’s infectious. Love elevates the music and the music elevates the love.
  2. Practice. On the “abundantly clear” front, it’s abundantly clear that every member of KDTU has put in the solo and band time necessary to really groove. They’re masters.
  3. Bring the joy. It’s fun to be around people who are having fun. Especially when the people having fun are the entertainers. Whatever you do, if you do it, in part, for other people– your own joy will help bring out the joy in others.
  4. Connect. Guitarist Jimmy Herring is on tour with KDTU. According to Denson, the collaboration has been a long time coming– 15 years to be exact. Sharing the stage or any other endeavor with someone who shares your passion but comes at it from their own angle– that’s good for everyone. Denson said he’s taken to calling Herring “Dr. Strange” because of the wacky great stuff he’s bringing to the music, leading the rest of the band to see the tunes in a new light.
  5. Listen. As with any improvisation based live band– the importance of listening is an ever present spiritual gleaning. Last night, Denson and his trumpeter– Chris Littlefield, spent a good portion of the evening listening to the rest of the band as they took their turns opening up the jam at different times. It’s cool to lead the band and listen to the band at the same time.
  6. Honor your influences. KDTU opened the show with a cover of Band of Gypsies, “Power of Soul.” With the Power of Soul Anything is Possible!

Great show. Thanks KDTU and Terminal West for bringing it all together.

Karl Denson's Tiny Universe at Terminal West, 12/3/16
Karl Denson’s Tiny Universe at Terminal West, 12/3/16
Spiritual Gleanings from Karl Denson’s Tiny Universe at Terminal West