This week we had our first (and last?) snow flurries in Atlanta. I was walking down the hallway to visit a teacher when I saw one, two, then 10 kids running by, throwing on their coats as they ran. Once they’d seen snow flurries outside their classroom window the teacher’s lesson plan was put on temporary hold.

I felt lucky to witness this moment of 4th grade complete and utter joy. The rabbi in me knew that it was the perfect moment for a shehehiyanu blessing. How wonderful that Judaism has a blessing that allows us to mark any of life’s simple yet significant moments!

I followed the 4th graders out to the playground and watched them scurry about for a bit, but it was too cold for me.

The snow didn’t even begin to stick so it turns out that the 4th graders were right: it was a fleeting moment, never to return, and worthy of celebration.

Southern Snow