• What non- tourist places should we see in Israel this summer?
  • In light of the conflict in the Ukraine, what do you think the US role should be as it relates to world conflicts?
  • Best advice about raising kids in an interfaith marriage?
  • What is the difference between regular wine and kosher for Passover wine?
  • What dangers exist from Obama’s seeming diversion from the US historic stance of fully supporting Israel?
  • How do you thin the changes in Russia will effect Israel?
  • What should be the Jewish response to Putin and the instability in Russia?
  • What happened to Malaysian Air?
  • What is the responsibility of the Jews in America to ease the oppression of Palestinians while still fundamentally supporting Israel?
  • What is your favorite spot in Atlanta?
  • What is your most memorable Pesach moment?
  • Best fortune cookie you ever got?
  • If you were going to make the Passover story into a movie today who would you cast?
  • Why haven’t they found the missing plane yet?
Passover questions 2014
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