Here’s my bias: I think it’s good to be open. I think that openness is a fundamental posture that human beings can assume to matters of ultimate concern. We can and should have open eyes, open minds, open hearts, open arms, open homes, and open doors. Being open is better than being closed– always and in all areas.

Today I had a chance to reflect on two questions that can inherently help us maintain a posture of openness. They’re very simple questions:

What if?


How might we?

A question is open if it is truly generative. Generative? If it elicits a multiplicity of responses. If it questions the status quo without rejecting it. If it invites us to imagine new, different, better, and other. These two simple questions: What if? How might we? literally have the capacity to help us bring to life a vision as yet unrealized. If only we are open enough to truly ask.


Open questions