In the 12th chapter of the book of Genesis God tells Abram and Sarai (long before they become Abraham and Sarah), “Lech l’cha.” Commonly translated as “go forth” or “go” it’s actually something much deeper. If we translate it literally it comes out as something like, “go to yourself.” “Go to yourself”???

I don’t know about you, but I’m constantly on the go. To work, from work, to drop off the kids to pick up the kids, to Kroger, to Costco. I’m definitely on the go, and based on Atlanta traffic I’m not the only one. But one place I seldom go it “to myself.” I seldom Lech l’cha. And what does that even mean, “Go to yourself?” I am myself. Why do I have to go anywhere?

Maybe what Lech l’cha means is be true to yourself. Maybe it means go back to yourself. Maybe it means become who you are meant to be. All good messages for those of us standing on the threshold of change. And by the way, we are all, each of us, always, standing on the threshold of change.


Lech l’cha