West Orange, New Jersey
West Orange, New Jersey


I don’t want to be fearless.

I think it’s good that my 3 year old son gets scared when the table at our local hibachi restaurant spontaneously bursts into flames as the chef puts on his culinary show.

I think it’s good that my 5 year old daughter wants to hold my hand when we cross the street, though I’m glad she’s no longer terrified by strong gusts of wind.

I don’t want to be fearless and I don’t want to have fearless children.


But I do want to fear less.

Or to at least change my relationship with fear.

When fear comes to visit

As it occasionally does

I want to put it up in a local hotel or in my non-existent guest room.

I don’t want to let it invade my space

take over my entire house

kick me out of my bedroom

put on my slippers

drink my coffee

and read my newspaper.

Fear is a great teacher.

And like any great teacher

We are better off if we’re open open to the teaching

If we can figure out the relevance of the teaching in our own lives.

If the teaching is harmful or paralyzing

Then it’s the wrong teaching.

The teaching of fear can be a life affirming teaching

If we let it be.



One thought on “Fearless

  • December 7, 2016 at 12:53 am

    So beautifully written, Micah. Thank you for putting a different spin on a scary emotion.

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