In episode #341 of the EntreLeadership Podcast, Seth Godin says the following about what it means to be an artist. He says that an act of artistry involves, “Doing something that’s not in the manual, something human, something generous, something that touches someone else.”

I consider myself an artist. But when I think about why I self-identify this way, it’s not because I write songs. My self-identification is closer to Godin’s description of an artist. I try to live a life that goes beyond the handbook or manual. I strive, like Hillel the Elder taught, to be a human being. I try to live a life of generosity, particularly of the spirit. And I measure my days, at least when I take a moment to reflect, in terms of whether my work and my existence touched someone else. To live that way, is to live art.

A great definition of art