I believe with perfect faith in imperfect faith

I believe with imperfect faith in perfect doubt

I believe doubtingly in certainty

and I certainly believe in doubt.

I believe lightly in the heaviness of existence

 and I have heavy belief in the lightness of being.

I have lingering belief in permanence

and permanent belief in all things temporal.

I have absolute belief in the negotiable

and negotiable belief in the absolute.

I have tangible belief in nothingness

and intangible belief in stuff.

I have full belief in emptiness

and empty belief in fullness.

I have conscious belief in the self

and self belief in consciousness.

I have disbelief in belief

and belief in disbelief,

doubt in faith,

and faith in doubt.

I have belief in belief

and belief in belief,

faith in faith

and faith in faith.

I believe