Tomorrow is my 37th birthday. This evening I received an “Outlook” invitation to an appointment called, “Micah.” Location? “Out.”

Basically this means that one of my colleagues invited me and a few other folks to lunch on my birthday. But when the calendar invitation first came through I had the uncanny experience of accepting an invitation to a calendar event that bore my name and was scheduled on my birthday. So tomorrow, on my 37th birthday, at lunchtime, I’ll be going to an appointment entitled, “Micah” at a location called, “Out.”

I’m typically not one to make a big fuss about birthdays. But my family showered me with some really thoughtful and touching gifts this year and now I get to look forward to this truly unique “outing” tomorrow. I wonder how the hour or so of “Micah” on my calendar will play out and what unforeseen gift I’ll discover during my time with me!


A Calendar Appointment with Myself