Mt. Bental, the Middle of Everywhere and Nowhere

  1. Sometimes others are able to give voice to your heart and soul better than you are. But they don’t always know when they’re doing it.
  2. If you tell people what you think then they’ll engage with you and tell you what they think. If you remain concealed in mystery and inscrutable, you will find the same mystery in others.
  3. When there’s good news and bad news, the bad news is invariably what sticks.
  4. Our humanity emerges more in the mundane than in the spectacular. Cracking a simple joke or sharing a simple experience far outweighs giving an earth shattering sermon or a life defining moment.
  5. Some people find meaning in everything. The trick is to not ascribe a false truth or epistemological certainty to those meanings.
  6. The universe extends countless invitations. Sometimes we don’t even know to RSVP.
  7. If we walk around with open eyes we are witness to constant, radical, and relentless transformation. Do we see it?
  8. It’s less about solving problems than it is about being there to hear about them and acknowledge that they exist.
  9. It’s nice when someone else sees something the same way that we do.
  10. What worked a few years, months, weeks, or minutes ago might not work now.
Life Lessons, 4/6/16