Shmulik Meme


1. Vanity is looking in the mirror and seeing everything but what’s actually there.

2. Those who think life would be better without stormy days have to explain why human beings seem inescapably drawn to making it rain.

3. Music and play are probably the two most universal of languages.

4. Existence and every facet thereof is a liability. Hence insurance.

5. The fact that 99.9% of the people on earth are good, kind, and loving doesn’t mean that 0.01% aren’t.

6. Every single person that we love is their own unique person, not an extension of our own person. That’s why we love them and that’s why they can sometimes drive us crazy.

7. There will always be enduring wisdom in counting to 10 and seldom a situation where doing the same isn’t advisable.

8. It’s a lot to ask of someone to be able to identify how an experience will change them while they’re still having the experience itself.

9. Sometimes we stumble on ancient truths when we’re just trying to string together a coherent thought.

10. One of life’s greatest frustrations is that we could live in an almost constant state of delight but somehow fail to do so.

Life Lessons, 4/7/16