My Other Car is a Bumper Sticker



  1. The legacy of our history is determined by the content and the quality of the stories we tell.
  2. It’s human nature to attribute greater significance to the performance than to the rehearsal, though it is the rehearsal that determines the significance of the performance.
  3. When we mistake our theory for reality then suddenly the universe floods us with data that confirms and reinforces this falsity.
  4. People apologize for the strangest things in the strangest ways.
  5. Each of us is working on certain fundamentals of human behavior and decency no matter what our age.
  6. Moms have a way of summarizing parenthood with a single image.
  7. Any experience worth having is preceded by some measure of anxiety.
  8. The only thing greater than our need for certainty and control is our awareness that the human experience is partially defined by the existential reality that to be human means to surrender control and live courageously amidst uncertainty.
  9. Part of the power of youth is the ability to inspire and chastise your elders.
  10. No matter how much esteem, respect, and affection you earn, there’ll always be someone talking when it’s your turn at the microphone.
Life Lessons, 4/5/16