Unnecessary Noise Prohibited

  1. In many ways winter is more interesting than spring.
  2. The opportunity to do a mitzvah doesn’t in any way correlate to your interest or readiness to do it.
  3. Fruit salad is inherently more exciting than fruit itself. And yet without fruit, fruit salad is a complete and utter absurdity.
  4. All human beings understand the idea of and need to “chill out.”
  5. Washing off the day is important.
  6. Inspiration, like the opportunity to do a mitzvah, cares little for your schedule.
  7. Just because you’ve been doing it your whole life doesn’t mean that, when asked, you can say affirmatively and unabashedly say you know how to do i
  8. In service to a higher cause, or when called upon to lead, people will stretch beyond their comfort zone.
  9. It’s important to remember that most people are trying to do the right thing, the good thing, the compassionate thing, almost all of the time.
  10. It’s never a bad idea to pack your kids’ lunches the night before rather than the morning of.
  11. It’s not not getting what we want that is the problem, it’s getting what we want and then not being able to appreciate it or be present for it that’s the problem.
  12. “Habit” both expedites and hinders our efficiency.
  13. Sometimes it’s the wine, sometimes it’s the bottle.
  14. You never know when bureaucracy is going to try and sabotage humanity.
Life Lessons, 4/4/16