Kotel2If there was no prayer

There would be no pray-er

There would be no Being Worth Praying To

There would be no conversation

No relationship or correlation

No dialogue between the finite and the Infinite

The broken and the Whole (or sometimes the Breaker).

The soul and the Fountain from whose waters the soul first swam

would be eternally separated

The river of hope, of belief, of longing, of living, of receiving, of giving

Would run eternally dry

There would be no if, no what, no why

Only an endless stream of tasks

A lifetime full of unspoken asks

A series of repeated acts

A life lived only in a world of facts,

Of cold impersonal reason

That which would be made dormant would soon, inevitably, wither and die

If there was no prayer

No here, no there, nowhere

Would we find ourselves

Would we find one another

Would we find any trace of anything transcendent

Anything enduring

Anything real.

If there was no prayer