Today marked the first farmer’s market of the season. As is customary with my family, we were there a few minutes before it opened. It was a sunny, cool, breezy morning. The farmer’s market was coming to life with activity. Then something unexpected happened. We were all asked to pause for an opening prayer.

In spite of what non-Southern readers might think, all farmer’s markets in the South don’t commence with an opening prayer. I’m pretty sure that this morning’s did because the venue is a church parking lot. The person who offered the prayer is a pastor at that church. Here’s what he said:

Let’s all take a moment to appreciate the many miracles and blessings that this moment represents. Sun, soil, water, farmer’s, vendors, and more. The blessings of family, friends, and community. The blessing of being able to taste and being inspired to cook beautiful food. He concluded with what, in Judaism, we call the Priestly Blessing (May God bless you and keep you…). Then they rang the bell and the market opened.

The pastor’s blessing this morning is as close to a universal blessing as I can imagine. Though I was surprised at first I quickly became appreciative of the moment for prayer and quiet before the market opened. I knew that it would help make this morning’s visit more memorable and more meaningful.

Universal blessing
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