My wife, Loren, and I continue to think that Atlanta would be a great host city for the ever popular “Top Chef.” Here’s a modest proposal of potential challenges that our city could offer (in no particular order):

1. The Airport Challenge– Hartsfield Jackson Airport is one of the busiest in the world.

2. The SEC Challenge– Atlanta is host to many an SEC battle. A challenge inspired by SEC teams would be a lot of fun.

3. The Dragon Con Challenge– Dragon Con is one of the ATL’s most peculiar and eclectic gatherings. Comics, superheroes, villains, costume play a plenty.

4. The Pride Challenge– Atlanta is host to the Southeast’s most vibrant Pride parade and celebration.

5. The Walking Dead Challenge– Post-apocalyptic cuisine.

6. The CDC Challenge– not sure what this would look like, but it’s a good idea.

7. The AT Challenge– head up to Amicalola and feed folks on their first night on the trail.

8. The Helen Challenge– head up to Helen, Ga and do some German inspired cooking.

9. Soul Food– Duh.

10. Fried Chicken Challenge– ATL is home to the nation’s tastiest but somewhat controversial chicken sandwich. Can the chefs beat Chick Fil A in a blind taste test challenge?

11. The Coke Challenge– Cook with coke products.

12. The Varsity Hot Dog Challenge

Wouldn’t it be great if ATL hosted Top Chef?

Top Chef Atlanta?