It was a warm and sunny day. The type of day we have been waiting for. The door at the end of the hallway opened and a group of kindergarteners went outside to enjoy the beautiful weather. There were 20 minutes left in the school day.

Why should kindergarteners have all the fun? I decided that I too should go and enjoy the sunshine.

Eventually I found myself being dared to go down one of the slides on our school’s playground. It seems that for the rabbi to go down the slide would be a source of great merriment and intrigue. So I did. Successfully.

A few hours later as I was packing up I ran into a colleague. “You completely interrupted my class,” she said with a smile. “All of the kids were glued to the window waiting for you to go down the slide this afternoon. When you did, they were all so happy.”

Sometimes I wonder what the most important thing I do on any given day might be. It turns out that, at least on most days, it’s impossible to know.

To slide or not to slide