Clarity! The idea that we might see things for what they actually are.

Clarity! The idea that we might know what any given situation demands of us.

Clarity! The idea that complex problems can actually be solved.

Clarity! The idea that life’s grand design might simply manifest itself.

Clarity! The idea that we might actually be able to see the future if only we knew where to look.

We long for it, we know what it feels like to achieve it (often fleetingly), we feel like the universe conspires to deny us it by thrusting into endless complexity, occasional darkness, and too frequent obtuseness.

How can we achieve clarity on matters that are important to us? How can we provide clarity for the people we love, for the people we work with, for the people we interact with? How can we overcome the vagueness of language, the constant potential for misinterpretation, confusion, and obfuscation that are inherent in every human interaction?

I don’t know if we can, at least not all the time. But I do know what it’s like to feel like I’ve achieved clarity and what it’s like to feel that I’ve helped someone else achieve clarity. It’s worth the struggle.