Mitzpe Ramon Field School, 2016
Mitzpe Ramon Field School, 2016

Be still.

As still as humanly possible.

And listen.


As humanly and humanely as you can.

More than likely.

A deafening sound.

Will reveal itself to you.

Through you.

In the stillness of your listening.


Imagine yourself at the top of a mountain.

Or at the bottom of the ocean.

In a meadow somewhere.

With no other people around.

No creatures or critters visible to the naked eye.

Even there.

A deafening sound.

Will reveal itself.

To you.

Through you.


The universe is not silent.

The universe is deafening sound.

The universe is song.

Silence does not exist.

It cannot be found.

Anywhere in the natural world.

The idea of silence.

Spiritually appealing.

Existentially absurd.

Experientially non-applicable.

After all.

Even wind makes noise.

When it sweeps across the emptiness.

Of a desert.


Silence doesn’t exist.

Can’t be found.

Can’t be created.

Can’t be broken.

Can’t be commanded.

Can’t be silent.


If you yearn for silence.

You will yearn.

All the days of your life.

Amidst the deafening noise.

Amidst the song.

Amidst the great unsilent.

The great unsilent universe.



Deep quiet.


Of body.



Such quiet.

On the other hand.

Is a decent placeholder.

For the silence.

That I’ve heard so much about.

The Great Unsilent