13 things I hope people will say about me after I die (and may it be many years from now):

  1. I didn’t use templates or conform to genre expectations or worry about what things were supposed to mean.
  2. I believed in myself because I believed in others, I believed in others because I believed in myself.
  3. I loved generously and unconditionally.
  4. I yearned for connection and to make meaning.
  5. I leveraged personal power to bring joy and beauty into the world.
  6. I took myself, others, and life seriously. SERIOUSLY dude.
  7. I was there when I needed to be there. I was there when I wanted to be there, and wherever I found myself—that was where I wanted and needed to be.
  8. I had priorities and aligned myself with them but I also kept a long to-do list.
  9. I was unpredictable and surprising and consistent and stable.
  10. I made music—harmony, melody, rhythm, lyric, and song.
  11. I was a romantic pragmatist with absurd dreams.
  12. I ate to live, but I also lived to eat.
  13. I could not logically, emotionally, or spiritually accept the idea that death was a bad thing so long as it came at the right time.
13 things I hope people will be able to say about me after I die