It’s good to make lists. Especially when the elegance of prose (to say nothing of poetry) is elusive. It’s good to sift through a day or some other period of time and see what gets caught in the mesh.

1) Had lunch with a dear colleague. Got creative.

2) Listened to my daughter kvetch about how her brother and I had a better view from our side of the car on the same unremarkable drive home we’ve taken every day for many months.

3) Listened to a beautiful interview with the poet Mary Oliver. Inspired to read more of her works and share some of them with my students.

4) Met with a community colleague to think about ways to enrich our social action and service learning and make a difference in the broader community.

5) Posted a question to the CCAR Facebook page and enjoyed the chevruta of generous colleagues offering their thoughts.

Wheelbarrows, San Diego Jewish Academy
Wheelbarrows, San Diego Jewish Academy

6) Entrusted a total stranger to rebuild a very important retaining wall at my house and he did an awesome job.

7) Got caught in a downpour and my feet were soaked (flip flops).

8) Watched my son throw milk all over himself at both breakfast and dinner.

9) Broke through some serious apathy- based writer’s block.

10) Ate cherry tomatoes right off the garden vine.

10 things that happened