1) The sea turtle swimming off the shore of Rosh HaNikra.

2) The man playing violin for our kids in Tzfat.

3) The peacock, plumage on display, at Kibbutz Gonen.

4) The two UN soldiers somberly sipping coffee at Mt. Bental.

5) The baby Ibex on the road to Ein Avdat.

6) The carpentry in Machtesh Ramon and the view from the top of Camel Rock there.

7) The man with the long hair, tattoos, and piercings posing for a picture with our kids in Tel Aviv.

8) The mural at the Hagar School.

9) The faces of our kids as the Latin American tour group tore off their clothes to turn Hezekiah’s tunnel into a makeshift “mikve.”

10) The image of the woman in the picture at Yad VaShem. Proud, defiant, strong, unafraid.

10 Things I saw in Israel that I hope to never forget