A friend of mine posted a question on Facebook that resonated with me. She wrote, “Do you ever ask yourself: I wonder just how wonderful we can make this life?”

I do. I wonder just how wonderful we can make this life. I also wonder how life can be so wonderful without us having to make it so, by simply accepting it as the gift that it is.

I wonder why so many people struggle, sometimes unsuccessfully, to experience the wonder and wonderfulness when others seem to connect with it so easily and gracefully.

I also love the way that my friend phrased the question. It’s not about the individual, it’s about the collective. How wonderful can we make this life? With one another, for one another, through one another, and to one another.

It’s wonderful to think about how wonderful we can make this life. We can do it right now. We can do it tomorrow. And the next day. It seems so easy.

If we don’t ask the right questions we’ll never make any progress. I’m glad I stumbled upon a friend who is asking the right questions.

Some kind of wonderful